Foundation, Green Initiatives - Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation

Our Mission

Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigations'  charitable contributions center on donating to not for profits and has two founding principles:


Since the founding of the company in 1975, the directors of CKR Global have regularly provided pro-bono work to families to assist in finding loved ones.  We have also been involved with the recovery of teenagers who were thought lost on the streets.  We have supported families that needed to know if their child was actively taking drugs, through the use of Surface Detect. In recent years the company has assisted with pre-employment screening on volunteers and protection for those who are threatened with violence.

Our philanthropy also consists of volunteer time and/or money donated to the following worthy causes:

Other charities have also been taken on as a project in the past and we will look for other worthy causes where our staff can take part both corporately and individually.

Our initiatives to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle were popular before there was a blue box. We consistently reduce the use of paper where possible when providing reports to clients.  We send evidence electronically if possible.  We also recycle computers, batteries, and equipment.  We are committed to these values through education of our staff and awareness with our clients.

Xpera Foundation is funded by public donations, staff volunteers and the financial / technical support of CKR Global.

Criteria For Support

We regularly receive requests by individuals and families to support their cause.  Although we are unable to fulfill all requests, the board attempts to provide guidance or assistance where the following criteria are met:

A committee of staff from CKR Global meets monthly to determine the merits of each request for assistance.  Once a request has been approved, the individual or party requesting our services is notified in writing.  All projects are performed confidentially, without the attention of media.

CKR Global Foundation supports Wireless AMBER Alerts

Calgary – July 1, 2012 – 16 years ago Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered in Texas. The AMBER Alert program was born from the desire of her community to ensure similar tragedies did not happen again.  The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association in 2011 has developed a program that can push amber alerts out from Law Enforcement, at no charge and in real time.

CKR Global has expressed support and is signing up over 200 corporate mobile devices to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts in all 10 provinces and three territories.  If you have a personal device, more information is available at, or by texting the keyword AMBER to 26237 directly from your wireless device.

We Are Here To Help

In order for us to assist you, you must reach out to us. Advise us of your situation or circumstances, what you believe we can do to help, the age of the individual that needs to be located or needs our assistance, what law enforcement has done, and why you are unable to fund the support or services required. Please provide detailed contact information so we may reply to you.

If you have suggestions, comments or ideas on how we can reduce our impact environmentally, we would welcome those as well. Please email us at:

Thanks for your support of helping others and the environment.