Quality And Service Control - Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation

At Xpera, we firmly believe that customer service and the consistent, reliable delivery of quality services and products are the foundation of sound business practices.

Of interest to our clients, our corporate quality management system formalizes, documents and tracks our approach to: 

At Xpera we are serious about our commitment to consistently provide quality services to each and every client.  In those rare instances where there is a concern raised by a client, Xpera follows a standard documented and proven process to identify the problem, respond to the client needs, and take steps to ensure the problem does not occur again.  Specifically, we:

  1. Work with those involved to clearly identify the problem, its root causes, client concerns, and impact on those involved.
  2. Check with the client and those involved to ensure we have clearly identified the points in number one above.
  3. Identify and implement an immediate and remedial plan of action that best meets the needs of the client.
  4. Follow-up with the client, and those involved, immediately afterwards to ensure the steps taken have appropriately addressed initial concerns.
  5. Follow-up once more, later on, with the client and those involved to ensure the original response is working and still appropriate.
  6. Debrief those staff involved, identify and implement a plan to ensure the original issue or concern does not occur again.

As a part of our current quality management system, when a concern is raised, either by a client, supplier, or one of our own staff, we immediately begin tracking the concern and our response to it through the use of an internal “Action Report”.  In addition to basic data (e.g.: date, who is involved, client file number) this document records the

  1. Initial concern.
  2. Immediate action required.
  3. Root cause of the concern (assists with future prevention).
  4. Action taken in response and action taken for subsequent prevention.
  5. Validation of action taken (includes communication with party who raised the initial concern).

We believe that this approach meets the needs of our clients and staff, prevents further similar concerns, and ensures lasting and positive relationships with all our clients.