Corporate Solutions

Protecting your company's assets is your top priority. Investigation practices where you suspect fraud or misdoing will always trump any other method of minimizing risk. Specializing in the field for over 40 years has enabled Xpera to develop strategic partnerships and a cross-disciplinary team, meeting the needs of companies of all sizes. As a result, Xpera has encountered clients in need of dozens of investigative and risk mitigation disciplines. Our risk mitigation services protect our clients at home and abroad, providing customized protective services and ensuring your businessand most importantly its peopleare safe and secure wherever they do business. We also provide companies with internal support. Our HRservices division offers an anonymous reporting serviceConfidenceLineas well as services assisting with both hiring and termination processes.

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Available Services

Investigation Solutions

Whether preventative or solution focused, Xpera is dedicated to protecting our clients’ business interests from the losses that can be caused by industry-specific threats. Our work allows clients to make the informed decisions necessary to develop and protect their business interests. We ask the tough questions and provide arms-length analysis, so that your team can focus on their roles.

Security Solutions

As an employer, employee safety is of paramount concern. But preparing for risks in an evolving marketplace presents unique challenges, many of which an employer may not initially consider.

Drawing from its team of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, Xpera provides security assistance and consulting to companies of all sizes and industries. We assess worksites, identify threats, and create detailed plans to mitigate these threats.

Xpera’s security division, ESM, provides physical security services for worksites, accident scenes, and public events.

Human Resources Solutions

Xpera provides varied services on behalf of clients for all stages of the employment cycle. Our hiring services include screening future hires, psychological honesty testing and assessments, and background checks. During employment, we provide services for employeeslike our ConfidenceLine program, an anonymous whistleblowing serviceas well as support with high risk termination and workplace violence prevention.

High risk investigations are conducted on behalf of our clients to ensure even the most difficult workplace issues are handled ethically and fairly.

Risk Solutions

Many of our clients work globally, sometimes in challenging or high-risk environments. They can encounter a myriad of different threats from political, environmental, or criminal/terrorist factors. For many, the threat is found in the absence or ambiguity of information on the ground. Xpera provides a broad array of security and human safety specialists with international expertise who take an integrated approach to human safety and security challenges. With a network of partners worldwide, Xpera develops leading solutions for our clients, wherever they do business.

Labour Dispute

Ensure business continuity plans are realized during labour disputes or strikes. Tailored security services will assist your business in identifying harmful situations, and provide the appropriate legal solution while reducing the effect on your bottom line. Our customized business solutions focus on labour disruption services, litigation support, training services, and workplace monitoring.

TSCM (Bug Detection)

Corporate espionage is a growing concern for all business. Xpera offers government-grade Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), protecting our clients from rivals, adversaries, or even foreign agents who may be eavesdropping through illicit methods.