Investigation Solutions

Whether preventative or problem and solution-focused, Xpera is dedicated to protecting our clients’ interest from the losses that can be caused by industry-specific threats. Our skilled and experienced team of professionals consistently develop sophisticated strategies to address complex challenges and provide high-quality investigative results.

Xpera provides varied services, ranging from insurance, life & health, or even counterfeit & piracy. Our team of experienced professionals consistently develop specific and customized strategies to provide the high-quality investigative results you require. With 24 offices and over 1200 staff, our investigators hold local knowledge, ensuring they are aware of the unique challenges of communities across the nation.

Xpera has worked with various Indigenous communities across Canada. We also supported the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada to locate some of the 150,000 Indigenous children who were removed and separated from their families and communities to attend residential schools. When working within Indigenous communities, it is important to have awareness of the cultural and social background of the communities. Therefore, we make sure that all staff assigned to those projects complete the SANYAS training.

Our team has the industry-specific expertise you need to make the informed decisions needed to protect your business interests.

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Available Services

Special Investigation Unit

For unique, nuanced, and in-depth insurance investigations, Xpera utilizes its Special Investigation Unit (SIU), consisting of our most experienced and knowledgeable investigators. Drawing from their police and intelligence backgrounds, the SIU unit provides specialized service for our most complex and difficult investigations.

Fraud & Theft Investigation (Economic Crime)

Every year, employee theft costs Canadian businesses over $1.4 billion. Xpera investigates economic crime, both nationally and internationally. Our team of investigators, many of whom have worked internationally, has extensive experience identifying corruption, bribery, kickbacks, and theft.

Computer Forensic

Technology can make our day-to-day life easier, but it also poses challenges which were unforeseen even a few years ago. Companies and individuals must adapt and protect themselves or they risk being victims of online theft, deceit, or fraud.

Background Investigations

Xpera provides thorough background checks of potential employees, contractors, and business partners, ensuring you have a complete and accurate picture of who you do business with before entering into a binding agreement.