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Employee safety is essential to an employer running any workplace successfully. However, preparing for risks in an evolving marketplace presents unique challenges, many of which an employer may not initially consider.

Drawing from its team of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, Xpera provides security assistance and consulting to companies of all sizes and industries across Canada and remote communities. We assess worksites, identify threats, and create detailed plans to mitigate these threats.

Xpera’s security division, ESM, provides physical security services for worksites, camps, pipelines, accident scenes, natural disaster sites (wildfire, flood, etc.), and public events. We give our clients bespoke insurance loss security services that feature rapid deployment along with careful ingress/egress documentation and reporting. With a vast array of emergency trained individuals on staff, we will make sure that security site control is established, documentation of approved individual access is recorded, and all safety concerns are addressed and managed appropriately.

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Available Services

Emergency Security Management (ESM)

Emergency Security Management (ESM) provides security, consulting, risk mitigation, and remote video monitoring services to local and national corporations, governments, risk managers, adjusters, and public entities.

Active Shooter (Active Risk)

Preparedness is essential in high-risk situations, which is why many institutions and corporations have implemented active risk measures for their offices, facilities, and special events. Xpera helps you prepare and minimize risk in dangerous situations through consultation and planning with our subject matter experts.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, conducted by a "red team," is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve the effectiveness of its security. It is particularly valuable in organizations with strong cultures and fixed ways of approaching problems. Xpera operatives are licensed, trained, and experienced in penetration tests assessing organization security, often unbeknownst to client staff.

Executive Protection

Xpera provides a host of tailored executive protection and close protection services for executives and organizations, where the distraction of threat and risk interfere with business efficiency and safety, including travel safety.

Remote Camp Security

Whether in the extraction, energy, or manufacturing sectors, remote camps present a unique set of challenges. Safety, security, entry, and access measures must be in place to ensure a properly functioning work site. Xpera provides unique, industry-specific solutions for our clients that lowers risk, increases safety, and reduces overhead and running costs.

Security Audit

General risks and specific threats to an organization, personnel, assets, or reputation, present complex challenges with a broad range of negative consequences, many of which are predictable and avoidable. Xpera offers security audits to negate this risk and ensure your company is aware of threats to your business while remaining in compliance with standards and legislation.

Security Consulting

Xpera security consultants work as advisors and supervisors for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company’s assets. Security consultants use their knowledge and expertise to assess possible threats and breaches, creating contingency protocols and plans for when violations occur. Xpera security consultants research, organize, and plan security measures with clients, including assessments to meet the needs of an organization and operations, technological solutions, and integrated security systems with process and personnel practice.

Narcotic Detection Services (K9)

As a business and employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and drug-free working environment for all employees. Xpera has a highly trained canine unit that is skilled and fully-licensed in narcotic detection, ensuring a safe work site for all.

Fire Watch

Fire Watch is a requirement under most Fire Code and insurance policies for all multi-residential buildings and commercial buildings when fire systems are being repaired or are unserviceable, or during electrical outages or water/flood damage when automatic detection systems are disabled.

GPS Asset Tracking

Xpera provides GPS technology and other industry leading solutions to protect and track expensive assets and cargo against theft including in the Oil/Gas, Energy/Utilities, Transportation, Trucking, and Manufacturing sectors.