Fire Watch

ESM Solutions provides Fire Watch for Fire Departments, commercial enterprises, construction, restoration companies and remote work sites under Provincial Fire Code Regulation, Municipal/City Bylaws and the Fire Protection & Prevention Act requirements. Fire Watch is a requirement under most Fire Code and insurance policies for all multi-residential buildings and commercial buildings when fire systems are being repaired or are unserviceable, electrical outages or water/flood damage when automatic detection systems are disabled. A fire watch is also required when “hot work” is being performed during construction or restoration projects.

ESM Fire Watch personnel diligently watch for fires in the areas affected; they are familiar with facilities and procedures for raising alarm in the event of a fire and notifying emergency services. Our security professionals not permitted to perform any other duties and the building is fully patrolled at least once per hour on a 24-hour basis until the fire alarm and or fire protection system has been restored to normal operating condition.