Government Solutions

Protecting government events, employees, and property is an arduous task with evolving challenges.

Investigative practices help minimize risk and understand potential threats.

Specializing in the field for over 40 years has enabled Xpera to develop strategic partnerships and a cross-disciplinary team, meeting the needs of all governmentsfrom local to federal. As a result, Xpera has encountered clients in need from dozens of investigative and risk mitigation disciplines.

Our risk mitigation services protect government officials at home and abroad, providing customized protective services and ensuring safety and organization.

Xpera’s human resources division provides a full suite of services meeting the needs of any HR requirementsfrom internal supports to hiring and termination packages.

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Available Services

Investigation Services

Whether preventative or solution focused, Xpera is dedicated to protecting government interests from industry-specific threats. Our work allows clients to make the informed decisions necessary to develop and protect national interests. We ask the tough questions and provide arms-length analysis, so that your team can focus on their roles.

Human Resources Solutions

Our industry-leading human resource services maximize our clients’ return on investment by mitigating workplace risks. Xpera executes thousands of transactions annually for all levels of government and affiliated organizations, gathering and assembling information from over 190 countries.

Security Solutions

Drawing from its team of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, Xpera provides security assistance and consulting to governments of all levels and sizes. We assess workplaces, identify threats, and create detailed plans to mitigate these threats, including for public events.

Risk Solutions

Governments work and interact on a global level, sometimes in challenging or high-risk environments. Government officials can encounter a myriad of different threats from political, environmental, or criminal/terrorist factors. With a network of partners worldwide, Xpera develops leading solutions for our clients, wherever they do business.