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If you are looking to develop a workforce that will complement your business objectives, look no further. Xpera’s industry-leading HRservices will maximize the return on your investment while helping to mitigate workplace risks. Xpera Screening executes thousands of transactions annually for all levels of government and many other organizations. Our educated workforce and world-class technology gather, assemble, and deliver accurate information from over 190 countriesensuring that you make the right hire and are prepared for on-the-job challenges, from drug testing to termination.

We combine ConfidenceLine, our 24/7/365 ethics reporting system, with the expertise and the unparalleled ability to provide immediate solutions that deal with urgent or sensitive issues, should they arise.

Xpera also prides itself as a full recruitment organization. We can provide our clients with staffing solutions to suit any of our client’s requirements, from emergency temporary placement to executive permanent positions.

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Ethics reporting communication & compliance solutions provide employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders with an avenue to anonymously report wrongdoing and sensitive issues within the workplace. As the pioneer of ethics report services in Canada, Xpera’s ConfidenceLine™ brings a superior level of sensitivity and experience to providing secure reporting solutions to our clients.

Background Check

Employee screening is an essential component of today’s recruitment process. Conducting proper due diligence during the hiring process enables you to make an informed hiring decision. Screening performs thousands of background checks annually for all levels of government and organizations, delivering unbiased results and factual information. Our educated workforce and world-class technology platform gathers, assembles & delivers accurate information from over 190 countries! Xpera Screening offers a wide range of services and pre-employment solutions that we can tailor to meet your corporate and personal needs.

Pre- and Post-Employment Screening

Maintaining the safety, security, and integrity of a workforce requires pre- and post-employment screening. Xpera’s extensive pre- and post-employment screening services protect employers and businesses from potential crime, theft, fraud, and other issues of workplace security by fully-vetting employees or contractors.

Workplace Violence Prevention

The nature and severity of workplace violence varies, however the consequences to both employer and employee are always significant. Xpera takes a strategic approach to the mitigation of threats and the impact of workplace violence by providing assessments, mitigation, training, and a range of other technical and human solutions.

Recruitment and Hiring

Xpera understands our clients’ needs and the importance of business continuity. With multiple recruitment offices located throughout Canada, Xpera staffing experts help companies find skilled temporary or full-time professionals regardless of location. Our recruitment team works with clients to quickly find candidates with the appropriate skills they require, giving clients the ability to ramp up projects with appropriate staffing on short notice.

High Risk Termination

Terminating employees, contractors, and vendors is an unpleasant reality. Our team of highly-experienced and skilled professionals can help you prepare for high-risk terminations, assess risk and threat level, and develop a plan and approach that mitigates risk and protects workers. If needed, our team is present in the workplace during and after the termination.

Narcotic Detection Solutions (K9)

Narcotics detection may be required in a variety of arenas, from corporate to residential property, and from camps to schools. Xpera offers complete searches in all of these environments in a manner which is discreet, confidential, and catered to the specific needs of our client. If drugs are detected, Xpera can also provide consultation services regarding the development and implementation of a proactive drug and search policy.