Security Solutions

Our licensed, internationally-experienced, and industry-certified consultants provide detailed site assessments and consultations, resulting in plans and procedures that are preventative, responsive, strategic, and tactical in nature. Our consultants will work with your security teams or oversight personnel to ensure that your critical information and discussions are safe now and in the future.

Xpera security consultants research, organize, and plan security measures with clients, including assessments that meet the needs of an organization and operations, technological solutions, and integrated security systems with process and personnel practice.

Available Services

Emergency Security Management (ESM)

Ethics reporting communication & compliance solutions provide employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders with an avenue to report wrongdoing and sensitive issues within the workplace anonymously. As the pioneer of ethics reporting services in Canada, Xpera’s ConfidenceLine™ brings a superior level of sensitivity and experience in providing secure reporting solutions to our clients.

Active Shooter (Active Risk)

Preparedness is essential in high-risk situations, which is why many governments and their institutions have implemented active risk measures for offices, facilities, and special events. Xpera helps you prepare and minimize risk in dangerous situations through consultation and planning with our subject matter experts.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, conducted by a "red team," is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve the effectiveness of its security. It is particularly valuable in organizations with strong cultures and fixed ways of approaching problems. Xpera operatives are licensed, trained, and experienced in penetration tests, assessing organization security, often unbeknownst to client staff.

Executive Protection

Xpera provides a host of tailored executive protection and close protection services for government officials, where the distraction of threat and risk interfere with business efficiency and safety, including travel safety.

Remote Camp Security

Remote camps and locations present a unique set of challenges. Safety, security, entry, and access measures must be in place to ensure a properly functioning site. Xpera provides unique solutions for governments, increases safety, and reduces overhead and running costs.

Security Audit

General risks and specific threats to a government and its ministries come with severe consequences, many of which are predictable and avoidable. Xpera offers security audits to negate this risk and ensure your government is aware of threats to your business while remaining in compliance with standards and legislation.