Executive Protection

Our clients lead busy and complex lives with many demands on their time. Executive protection services are there to anticipate and remove anything negative that might intrude into the life of a public figure at work, during recreational time, or at home.

Xpera provides a host of tailored executive protection and close protection services for government officials and leadership where the distraction of threat and risk interfere with business efficiency and safety, including during travel. Our highly-skilled and experienced professionals facilitate tailored services which are recommended based on our knowledge of the unique demands of governments of all levels. Our unobtrusive service works closely with individuals and their families/staff potentially under threat, mitigating risk and threats. Services consider the geopolitical, criminal, and terrorist elements our clients may encounter when travelling abroad and include training and awareness briefings. We can provide country/locale travel risk assessments and provision of travel escorts who are cross-trained both in both executive protection and emergency trauma care.