Life and Health Investigations

Canada's life and health insurance industry protects over 28 million Canadians, paying out over $85B in benefits per year. But with such vast payouts, various forms of fraud are common, and experienced investigation is needed to protect insurers.

Xpera has the experience and capacity to approach Life and Health Investigations with the customized care these diverse investigations require. We have the ability to utilize our specialized divisions to assist in all types of claims, from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), to Surveillance, to home visit interviews to develop a full picture of the life and health insurance claim. Through these methods, we provide clarity and expose wrongdoing of clientssome estimates suggest in excess of 10% of claims are at least in part fraudulent.

In addition, Xpera offers a specialized division that focuses specifically on any of your death claim requirements.

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Available Services

Accidental Death Inquiries

For the claims professional dealing with the complexities of a life claim, this investigation service confirms cause of death to assist adjudicators in determining if a claim meets policy provisions. Xpera examines and documents the accident circumstances resulting in death, motive, and identifies any inconsistencies. Additional insurance details are also provided.

Contestable Death

For cases that may involve material misrepresentation, Xpera determines a claimant's health history preceding policy issuance. Xpera can provide information such as the subject's medical history/treatment, lifestyle activities, and other insurance benefits.

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Physician Interview

Our team addresses specific points including symptoms information, diagnosis/prognosis, hospital or surgery requirements, other physician reviews, prior health, and other insurance. A physician's signature will also be provided.

Hospital Records

Xpera obtains copies of medical information from the specified medical facility. In a timely and effective manner, we are able to request information such as hospital records, name of attending and referring physicians, admission and discharge dates, prior admissions details, diagnosis, chief complaints, history of illness, surgical details, x-ray, laboratory findings, and other insurance in place.

Comprehensive Claimant Interview

A comprehensive claimant interview on behalf of our clients provides a first-hand observation of the claimant, background, medical treatments, family make-up, loss time and earnings, undeclared employment, financial situation, lifestyle, character, habits, sports, recreational, household activities, motivation factors, hobbies, other interests, and education. We utilize an informative claims management tool to gather results and help with directing rehab possibilities.