Contestable Death

For cases that may involve material misrepresentation, Xpera determines a claimant's health history preceding policy issuance. Xpera can provide information such as the subject's medical history/treatment, lifestyle activities, and other insurance benefits.

Xpera Specialist Investigators provide a unique resource for Insurance Death Claims, providing the right evidence for the denial of death claims arising out of suspicious or fraudulent circumstances while considering the sensitivities relating to contestable death claims.

Families often question if a loved one's death was truly an accident or suicide, or even occurred at all. They may wish to investigate the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Our sensitive and professional investigation team approach each case with the knowledge and personal consideration that is expected in such situations. 

Our investigators provide but are not limited to:

  • Death Certificate
  • Medical Records
  • Police / Fire / Ambulance Reports
  • Document Burial / Gravesite Information
  • Obituary / Media Information
  • Coroner / Medical Examiner Records
  • Scene Photographs
  • Interview Witnesses
  • Civil / Criminal Records
  • Formal Statements
  • Continuity / Forensic Investigation
  • Crime Scene Forensic Analysis
  • Beneficiary Locate
  • Accident Reconstruction