Special Investigation Unit

Navigating the insurance industry can be trying, considering the complex, sensitive, and private nature of much of the information. For unique, nuanced, and in-depth investigations, Xpera has a Special Investigation Unit (SIU), consisting of our most experienced and knowledgeable investigators.

Xpera’s highly-skilled and qualified former law enforcement personnel and insurance industry specialists make up our Special Investigation Unit (SIU), handling complex and sensitive investigations across the insurance, legal, and corporate industries.

We employ specialists who are internationally experienced and trained. These specialists will travel nationally and internationally to provide presentable and defensible evidence during investigations, case preparation, and resolution of litigation.

Our team is experienced in many techniques, including:

  • Cognitive interviewing
  • Suspect interviewing
  • Vulnerable persons interviewing
  • Witness statements
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Dealing with vulnerable and distressed persons
  • Conflict resolution
  • Scene examinations
  • Collection of forensic evidence
  • Collection of electronic evidence
  • Background research
  • Financial investigation
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Covert operations
  • Evidential searches
  • Evidential analysis
  • Judicial administration
  • Court testimony

Some of the SIU’s investigations include the following:

Workplace Investigations including dishonesty, misuse use of assets, misuse of electronic devices, harassment, verbal conflicts, discrimination, unwanted touching, physical assaults, and sexual assault. Fraud investigations in the public and private services including, misappropriation of assets, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest.

Insurance Investigations including property and casualty insurance fraud, and life and health insurance fraud involving AB, BI, APD, accidental death, and contestable death claims.

Collision Investigations including Crash Data Retrieval (black box), collision reconstruction, collision analysis, human factors in a collision, staged collisions, and manufacture faults.

Regulative Investigations for professional associations and colleges including gross misconduct, unauthorized practice, breach of bylaws, and breach of professional regulations.

General Investigations including commercial robbery, commercial burglary, commercial theft, assaults, missing persons, cold case investigations, non-compete breaches, and background inquires.

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Additional Services

  • Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders

    Xpera provides comprehensive investigations designed to satisfy the legal elements necessary to obtain two of the most powerful civil remedies available to intellectual property rights holders in CanadaMareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders.

    A Mareva Injunction freezes the assets of a party until resolution of a court order.

    An Anton Piller Order is a court order, granting the right to search a premise and/or seize evidence without warning.

  • Asset Recovery

    Xpera and its network of national recovery specialists provide subrogation and recovery services to the insurance, legal, and corporate industries. Our services can be relied upon for various types of situations including, but not limited to, overpayments, locations of assets and income, bond losses, and financial fraud investigation. Xpera maintains unparalleled access to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal databases, an independent Open Source Intelligence Unit (OSINT) with covert intelligence gathering techniques that allow access to the “deep web” which cannot be accessed with traditional search techniques.

  • Counterfeit and Piracy

    For cases that may involve material misrepresentation, let Xpera determine a claimant's health history preceding policy issuance. Xpera can provide information such as the subject's medical history/treatment, lifestyle activities, and other insurance benefits. Xpera Specialist Investigators provide a unique resource for Insurance Death Claims, providing the right evidence for the denial of death claims arising out of suspicious or fraudulent circumstances while considering the sensitivities relating to contestable death claims.

    Families often question if a loved one's death was truly an accident or suicide, or even if it occurred at all. They may wish to investigate the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Our sensitive and professional investigation team approach each case with the knowledge and personal consideration that is expected in such situations.

  • Due Diligence & Financial Background

    Purchases of organizations and assets can see millions of dollars moving hands, making the inner-workings of a potential sale crucial to all stakeholders.

    Due diligence and financial background investigations are important for any corporation, legal counsel, or individual doing business. Receiving a full picture in a negotiation is critical to protect your business and yourself from deceit.

    Bribery and corruption issues can be inherited upon acquisition, and significantly impact valuation. Legacy issues can lead to unforeseen liabilities for the acquiring business. For a company seeking acquisition, a successful independent anti-bribery / anti-corruption audit (ABC) adds significant value to the sale process.

    Xpera has extensive experience working with companies and their legal advisors before and after an acquisition takes place. A qualitative ABC audit is not the same as a traditional audit exercise or deal valuation. Corruption concerns can directly impact pricing or the overall viability of the transaction. Xpera can help you to identify corruption risks and red flags, both from the perspective of a company putting itself up for sale and from the company considering an acquisition. We provide, but are not limited to:

    • Corporate Intelligence
    • Asset Confirmation & Location
    • Contract Issues
    • Financial Background & Capability
    • Key Employee & Vendor Screening
    • Audit and Compliance
    • Policy and Procedure Design