Legal Solutions

Xpera has been a trusted source for the legal community for over 40 years. Our investigative team are aware of the court-ready, legally-binding information our clients require in a court of law. With our team stationed across the country, we have an understanding of investigative laws and regulations from province to province and state to state, ensuring we provide customized solutions within the legal parameters provided.

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Available Services

Investigation Services

Investigation firms are not created equal, nor do all investigation firms understand the needs of clients in the courtroom. Xpera consistently provides superior investigative results that can be applied immediately in legal proceedings. For over 40 years, we have assisted the legal community by providing the investigation expertise necessary to gather crucial information and facts, earning the trust and respect of top trial lawyers from North America’s leading law firms.

Litigation Support & Trial Preparation

Our senior investigators provide support, expertise, and assist the legal community with unbiased expertise for court cases requiring investigative services. Our investigators are also experienced in providing expert witness testimony in both a criminal and civil setting.

Due Diligence & Financial Background

Due diligence and financial background investigations are essential for any organization to receive a full picture in a negotiation and purchase. Takeovers of organizations and assets can see millions of dollars moving hands, making the inner-workings of a potential sale crucial to all stakeholders. Xpera investigators ensure there are no unforeseen liabilities or problems with a purchase.

Statement and Interviewing

Xpera maintains a highly skilled team of Senior Investigators capable of providing statement taking and interviewing solutions. Our team of decorated former law enforcement specialists, with real-world experience in dealing with high stakes investigations where ethically and procedurally gathered best evidence, is crucial for court-ready statements.

Collision Reconstruction and CDR

Utilizing Crash Data Retrieval, Xpera provides collision reconstruction analysis to assist the legal community with collision and personal injury claims.

Additional Services

  • Mareva Injunctions & Anton Piller Orders

    Xpera provides comprehensive investigations designed to satisfy the legal elements necessary to obtain two of the most powerful civil remedies available to intellectual property rights holders in CanadaMareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders. A Mareva Injunction freezes the assets of a party until resolution of a court order. An Anton Piller Order is a court order, granting the right to search a premises and/or seize evidence without warning.