Surface Detect: Workplace Drug Detection - Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation

Workplace Drug Detection

Xpera HRservices provides workplace drug assessments that test for the presence of illegal drugs, at the nanogram level.  Using the Surface Detect analysis method, a search is conducted to detect any trace of illegal narcotics on surfaces.  It is NOT used to test human beings, rather, it is used to detect traces of illegal narcotics on surfaces such as: desks, keyboards, telephones, steering wheels, computer accessories, tables, filing cabinets, television remote controls and any other physical surfaces that are commonly touched by a person who may be using narcotics.

Our Surface Detect drug detection tool allows for non-invasive yet highly accurate detection of narcotics.
Illegal narcotics can lead to increased risk, increased injuries, increased fatalities and increased costs. All narcotics consumed by people are secreted out of the skin in microscopic amounts and leave traces on any surface touched by the user. We can test many surfaces in a workplace or family home to assess whether there are any traces of illegal narcotics. SurfaceDetect is now joining this battle, bringing some desperately needed tools to help in the fight. As with any serious illness, drug-use is best fought early on, and should be detected as early as possible.

Xpera HRservices provides:

A SurfaceDetect analysis is a quiet and non-confrontational method by which to protect the business by detecting the presence and types of narcotics in the workplace.