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Highlighted Service:

Many of our clients work globally, sometimes in challenging or high-risk environments. They can encounter a myriad of different threats within such broad categories as political, environmental and criminal/terrorist. For many, the threat is found in the absence or ambiguity of information on the ground. To help safeguard clients, Xpera iSolutions provides a range of awareness and mitigation services including levels of customized strategic and tactical reports that help inform complex decision making in demanding and sometimes hostile environments.

Xpera services include brief country overview and threat briefs, more in-depth country reports examining multiple threat sources within the broad domains of political, environmental and criminal/terrorist with risk analysis and mitigation recommendations, and more complex country reports that include on-site threat assessment, risk analysis and sophisticated risk mitigation matrix. Topical and threat-specific reports are also available on request.

About Xpera Risk Solutions

Xpera Risk Solutions provides a broad array of security and human safety specialists with international expertise who take an integrated approach to human safety and security challenges. Our professionals generate tactical and strategic solutions to meet your organization’s needs and operational context. To ensure security is integrated into your core business, Xpera takes particular care to understand the nature of your business, requirements and influences specific to your organization.

Xpera Risk Solutions: International Standards and Services

As both a good business practice and part of our approach to corporate social responsibility, Xperais proud to be a part of a number of international initiatives and standards designed to enhance human safety and security.

  • Xpera is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact

  • Xpera  is a formal participant in the United Nations Climate Neutral Network

  • Xpera  is a signatory to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

  • Xpera  has enshrined the principles within the Voluntary Code of Conduct on Security and Human Rights in all its overseas security operations

We believe that our clients and the communities we operate within are better served by our public participation in international approaches that enhance professional standards designed to protect human safety and security