Surprising Facts About Surveillance This Summer

06 July 2020

Despite other industries slowing down during our current environment, investigation and surveillance continues in surprising ways. According to an Xpera internal survey and review of 2020 file outcomes, summer surveillance results are more significant than originally thought. During the months of May and June, outcomes show:

  1. the duration of video footage is comparable to the same 2019 time period;
  2. outdoor activity is more prevalent versus the same 2019 time period; and
  3. the opportunity to capture video is comparable to, or greater than, the same 2019 time period.

Findings also reveal that individuals are spending their time and money on outdoor sports equipment for solo fitness activities, and home renovation projects. Cottage rentals and camping are also ramping up. In addition to this, many individuals are working at unreported jobs with a large portion of these related to food delivery companies.

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