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A whistleblower program is an essential tool to prevent workplace misconduct and improve your company’s performance. It builds trust and confidence internally, protects your brand, and helps you comply with legal and regulatory responsibilities.

Our ConfidenceLine ethics reporting hotline gives your employees an anonymous and secure way to report unethical conduct including theft, fraud, bullying, and harassment. Your employees can report wrongdoing 24/7 either by telephone or our direct web-based system. Both options are user-friendly and designed for immediate access.

Want to be proactive about your employee and company wellbeing? We’ll take care of every detail. We'll work with you to develop a customized program with reporting requirements to match your company’s objectives.

Visit our ConfidenceLine for complete details.

Additional Support Services

Need other workplace solution? We offer a range of services to support any need.

Workplace Violence Prevention

The risk of violence varies depending on the workplace, but is always present regardless of occupation. Perpetrators can be colleagues, contractors, clients, the public, suppliers, criminals, spouses, or others attracted by the nature of the business you conduct. The nature and severity of the risk varies, however the consequences to both employer and employee are always significant.

Xpera takes a strategic approach to the mitigation and prevention of threats and the impact of workplace violence by providing assessments, mitigation, and training as well as a range of other technical and human solutions that improve workplace practices and reduce client liability.