Xpera provides GPS technology and other industry leading solutions to protect and track expensive assets and cargo against theft including in the Oil/Gas, Energy/Utilities, Transportation, Trucking and Manufacturing sectors.

The Xpera team imbeds covert GPS devices inside multiple “bait” platforms, including copper wire reels, 12v battery casings, fleet vehicles, ATVs/UTVs, construction equipment, oilfield apparatus and consumer goods. This enables the successful tracking of stolen items; Xpera has been directly been responsible for the recovery of over $2M in merchandise since the launch of the program.

Our specialist team constructs “bait units” to look and feel identical to actual production items. Through leading technology including motion or tilt detection, geofencing and real-time monitoring and tracking of units, we alert a designed contact or law enforcement directly. The electronic history of the event can be submitted to police for subsequent search warrants or a real-time arrest.