As a truly Canadian company, Xpera has established mutual working relationships with Indigenous people on all of our projects where Indigenous communities are involved. Our Indigenous engagement goes beyond a theoretical “commitment to diversity,” and in fact governs our business practices in these communities and beyond. We actively engage in order to:

  • Create a longstanding relationship built on trust and respect within communities.
  • Learn, respect, and recognize the culture, social issues, residential school impact, values, traditions, perspective, and knowledge of Indigenous peoples. Attend various indigenous events and contribute in discussions offered by their communities so that we may better understand the Aboriginal history and culture.
  • Recognize and honour Aboriginal and Treaty rights as outlined in Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 which are also a key part of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Establish an open atmosphere with Indigenous communities and employees to encourage dialogue, involvement, and dynamic participation.
  • Work collaboratively in decision making and creating policies/procedures that are suitable for both the Indigenous communities and our company.
  • Be the industry leader and industry exemplar in training and employing Indigenous people within our organization, by delivering training programs for roles such as security professional, supervisory positions, management positions, investigative positions, and operational support roles.

Our work in Indigenous communities is inherent to many of the services we provide. We work with numerous Indigenous communities on countless projects within their lands. Some of these projects fall within the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Construction sectors, and include work within Pipelines, Camps, and other industries.

In search of the best talent in our industry, Xpera works in partnership with the local communities to discover and develop business opportunities and maximize involvement, of local trade contractors, suppliers (including equipment), and workers. We collaborate and partner with local organizations and Indigenous stakeholders to provide opportunities for new skill acquisitions and skill advancement by delivering comprehensive training programs.

Xpera is devoted to building long-lasting partnerships that are meaningful and sustainable. Xpera actively participates in industry-related conferences, events, and job fairs (including Aboriginal Futures Fairs and Indigenous Careers, Aboriginal Marketplace, The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, The Circle for Aboriginal Relations, etc.) and continues to develop a deeper understanding of how we can best partner with communities locally to develop capacity and share project revenue.