Xpera is Canada’s premier national provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss, and increase human safety, enabling our clients to function at their fullest potential. Through our suite of services, we enable our clients to enhance business performance and ensure operational continuity by providing the experts and the tools to manage all levels of risks.

We have five divisions: Investigations, Risk Solutions, HRservices, Security Guard Services, and Labour Dispute Management. With both proactive and reactive resources, we are there to help clients in times of crisis as well as put in place mitigation strategies to avoid crisis in the future.

Comprised of over 500 subject matter experts in 25 locations across Canada—and strategic locations around the world—we offer expert support to Insurance, Government, Legal, and Corporate institutions. Xpera is there to protect our clients’ business interests from all levels of risk, enabling our clients to perform at the top of their respective industries.

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