Understanding what to ask in a court-admissible way is essential when recording suspect and witness statements.

Xpera maintains a highly skilled team of Senior Investigators capable of providing statement taking and interviewing solutions. Most of our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) team members are decorated former law enforcement specialists, with real-world experience in dealing with high stakes investigations where ethically and procedurally gathered best evidence is crucial. Investigators digitally record all interviews and statements with the consent of the interviewee. All voice files are uploaded to the secure Xpera system, iConnect, and court ready transcripts can be produced.

Skilled in dealing with people in conflict situations and difficult circumstances, Xpera’s investigators can maintain a calm, focused approach and ease tension when stress levels are raised. Witnesses and suspects are treated with sensitivity, impartiality, and respect for their culture and rights, while maintaining a focused investigative approach. Xpera’s investigators use the cognitive method, having adopted the P.E.A.C.E Model (Planning/Preparation, Engage/Explain, Account, Clarify/Challenge/Closure, Evaluation), as the most efficient and ethical method of taking witness statements and conducting interviews on behalf of our clients.