Xpera's Jeffrey Dawe Receives Certified Forensic Investigator (CFI) Status

05 November 2020

All of us at Xpera would like to congratulate Jeffrey Dawe, a Forensic Video Analyst out of Xpera’s Markham office, on the acquisition of his Certificated Forensic Investigator (CFI) status. The process of receiving this certification is a rigorous one, but in the end, Jeff succeeded in passing his exam and was accepted into this highly respected industry organization.

Jeff joined Xpera in 2013 as a Media Technician, coming from a background in law and security. After joining Xpera, Jeff began his forensic technology training, taking it upon himself to earn the certifications necessary to have his work deemed admissible in court. Last year, Jeff was certified as an Audio Video Forensic Analyst, which, as it turns out, makes him the first Canadian to have ever received this certification. The work that Jeff has performed for Xpera, and more specifically, Xpera’s Forensic Imaging Services (XFIS), has been invaluable, and we are incredibly proud to have such dedicated, knowledgeable people like Jeff on our team.  

The Certified Forensic Investigator designation is a symbol of the highest standard of excellence in its field, which firmly cements  as a professional worthy of distinction among his peers.

“Xpera is very proud of the dedication that Jeff has put forth, on his own, to accomplish his career goals,” says Nino Calabrese, Director of Investigations. “This certification allows him to better serve our clients throughout Ontario and across Canada.”