March – Fraud Prevention Month

Fraud Prevention Month

Did you know March is Fraud Prevention Month? Each year, this month focuses on promoting awareness and education. Unfortunately, fraud targeting businesses can be just as creative and convincing as those targeting consumers. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has reported unprecedented levels of fraud over the past three years, with Canadians reporting a staggering $554 million lost in 2023. This means it’s more important than ever to educate yourself. At Xpera, we’ve prepared a collection of resources to help build your knowledge of the tools available to protect your business.

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Quebec Claims Adjusters Reimagine Post-Loss Site Security

18 January 2021

Leading provider of security guard services expands into Quebec

ESM, a branch of Xpera and provider of emergency security services, announced its expansion into Quebec today, with a matching technology that changes how site security operates. ESM’s new boots on the ground bring together a new team of experienced security professionals ready to be deployed 24/7/365, and new Site Management System (SMS) technology.

Exclusive to ESM, this technology allows for an array of improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of site management. The system provides an easier way for clients to validate costs and trade activity through electronic reporting and up-to-the-minute digitized vendor logs on ingress and egress (knowing who’s on site and for how long) to verify invoice details.

Better cost control is only one advantage to insurers and restoration companies in the region. Other SMS system features include:

  • smart, fast electronic check-in and badging to keep site activity moving along;
  • strengthened security with watchlists and the ability to push out notifications among ESM personnel for immediate action if necessary; and
  • improved safety control with the ability to demonstrate how Ministry of Labour and fire prevention services requirements are met.

The SMS is just one way ESM leverages the latest technology and trained resources to reduce spend, improve site monitoring, and support their clients. Keeping sites safe and under control has been ESM’s business for over 40 years.

The ESM announcement follows a remarkable year for Xpera in the province under Regional Manager, Tonino Bianco. “We are thrilled to have a dedicated ESM security team to handle large complex losses in our region,” says Mr. Bianco. “This comes at a time when adjusters and project managers are looking for new ways to protect their business interests when handling a loss.”

ESM is led by Mr. Bianco. For more information, Mr. Bianco can be reached at:

T: 514-482-2147 TF: 1-888 652 9493