Risk Solutions

Governments work and interact on a global level, sometimes in challenging or high-risk environments. Government officials can encounter a myriad of different threats from political, environmental, or criminal/terrorist factors. For many, the threat is found in the absence or ambiguity of information on the ground.

Xpera is committed to international initiatives and standards designed to enhance human safety and security, including the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Climate Neutral Network, the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers, and the Voluntary Code of Conduct on Security and Human Rights.

Available Services

Travel Risk Management

Governments have a duty to care and protect staff and officials travelling overseas, but not all are aware of what measures to take to identify and mitigate risks in a cost-effective and meaningful manner. We can help. Xpera assists in enhancing staff safety by providing a range of travel risk management services.

Corruption Risk Management

Our continuum of anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) services assist governments with overseas interests, mitigating the regulatory and reputational risks. Services include risk mapping and the development of preventative measures (designing and implementing policies and procedures, monitoring and testing of internal controls, ABC training and communications) through to responding to regulator/law enforcement inquiries and compliance with disclosure and probation orders.

Threat Risk Assessment

Acts of negligence and intentional harm can have significant negative impacts on a government’s standing. Xpera professionals are skilled at identifying the risks and threats that create vulnerabilities from negligence and attempts to damage or harm government officials and the nations they represent.

Pipeline Monitoring

Xpera partners with Indigenous communities to train staff to secure pipeline facilities (these include all parts of the pipeline that require security: refineries, docks, transit facilities, camps, etc.).