Insurance Solutions

It is estimated that the cost of personal injury insurance fraud exceeds half a billion dollars annually in Canada alone, and that more than one-quarter of all personal injury claims contain some element of fraud or deception. Our unparalleled expertise combined with state-of-the-art technologies drive our passion for providing answers to the problems you need solving. We pride ourselves on the trust and respect we have earned from clients in the Property, Casualty, and Life & Health Insurance markets as well as litigation counsel, both nationally and internationally.

To the untrained eye, something which might seem normal or have no bearing on an investigation may be crucial to a professional familiar with accident sites and claims. Our professionals always obtain proper consent and catalogue our investigations to ensure evidence is legally binding and irrefutable.

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Available Services

Casualty Insurance Investigations

Casualty insurance is one of the largest industries in Canada and growth continues to accelerate. To keep up with high demands, we are constantly evolving and changing our services to ensure clients satisfaction. Xpera utilizes its breadth of industry resources and technologies to uncover the facts about your casualty claim with speed and efficiency.

Property Insurance Investigations

Property claims make up over 30% of claims in the Canadian marketplace, meaning investigative services are crucial to insurers to protect their business. Xpera investigates suspicious loss indicators to uncover positive financial results and a more effective resolution for a file.

Background Investigations

Examine the history of a claim and understand where liability resides. Xpera’s team of senior investigators look at potential motive for claims, and protect insurers from deceit, deception, and fraud.

Life and Health Insurance Investigations

Canada's life and health insurance industry protects over 28 million Canadians, paying out over $85 billion in benefits per year. Xpera has the experience and capacity to approach Life and Health Investigations with the customized care these diverse investigations require.

Fraud and Theft Investigations

Either through exaggerated claims of legitimate losses, or premeditated deceit through staged collisions, fraudulent activities, or entirely fictional claims, Xpera’s investigators uncover insurance fraud of all types. False claims come in many forms, and our senior investigators help insurance providers identify ways in which clients manipulate the system for personal gain.

Litigation Support and Trial Preparation

Xpera assists the insurance community by providing the investigation expertise necessary to gather crucial information and facts. We have earned the trust and respect of top trial lawyers from North America’s leading law firms. We understand the needs and complexities of the issues of insurance clients, and provide law firms with the experience, expertise, and evidence that provide give our clients the winning edge.

Special Investigation Unit

Navigating the insurance industry investigation can be trying, considering the complex, sensitive, and private nature of much of the information.

For unique, nuanced, and in-depth insurance investigations, Xpera utilizes its Special Investigation Unit (SIU), consisting of our most experienced and knowledgeable investigators. Drawing from their police and intelligence backgrounds, the SIU unit provides specialized service for our most complex and difficult investigations.

Additional Services

  • Mareva Injunctions & Anton Piller Orders

    Xpera provides comprehensive investigations designed to satisfy the legal elements necessary to obtain two of the most powerful civil remedies available to intellectual property rights holders in CanadaMareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Orders.

    A Mareva Injunction freezes the assets of a party until resolution of a court order.

    An Anton Piller Order is a court order, granting the right to search a premises and/or seize evidence without warning.

  • Asset Recovery

    Xpera and its network of national recovery specialists provide subrogation and recovery services to the insurance, legal, and corporate industries. Our services can be relied upon for various types of situations including, but not limited to, overpayments, locations of assets and income, bond losses, and financial fraud investigation.

    Xpera maintains unparalleled access to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal databases, an independent Open Source Intelligence Unit (OSINT) with covert intelligence gathering techniques that allow access to the “deep web” which cannot be accessed with traditional search techniques.

  • Counterfeit & Piracy

    Xpera’s investigators have conducted numerous trademark, counterfeit, and piracy investigations, ensuring their client's brands, intellectual property, and proprietary and trademarked products are protected.

    The unauthorized use or production of products including music, film, and audio-visual services is a billion-dollar industry. Corporations must be aware and actively protect their trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property; Xpera is highly experienced in detecting infringements, identifying threats of future infringement, and providing date of first use and extent of usage determination for litigation and injunctive support.

    Intellectual theft is a growing concern, and Xpera has the team and knowledge to protect our clients in an increasingly complex field. We conduct investigations on behalf of governments, legal, and corporate professionals.

  • Due Diligence & Financial Background

    Due diligence and financial background investigations are important for any corporation, legal council, or individual doing business. Receiving a full picture in a negotiation is critical to protecting your business and yourself from deceit.

    Bribery and corruption issues can be inherited upon acquisition by the acquiring company, and can have a significant direct impact valuation. Legacy issues can lead to unforeseen successor liabilities for the acquiring business. For a company seeking acquisition, a successful independent anti-bribery / anti-corruption audit (ABC) can add significant value to the deal process.

    Xpera has extensive experience working with companies and their legal advisors both before and after an acquisition takes place. A qualitative ABC audit is not the same as a traditional audit exercise or deal valuation. Corruption concerns can directly impact pricing or the overall viability of the transaction. Xpera can help you to identify corruption risks and red flags, both from the perspective of a company putting itself up for sale and from the company considering an acquisition.

    We provide, but are not limited to:

    • Corporate Intelligence
    • Asset Confirmation & Location
    • Contract Issues
    • Financial Background & Capability
    • Key Employee & Vendor Screening
    • Audit and Compliance
    • Policy and Procedure design