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Jeffrey Dawe is a Forensic Video Analyst. It’s a relatively new and growing profession that has roots in the late 19th century when blood splatter patterns were used to solve crimes. Today, it’s much more scientific and rigorous.

Xpera is one of the few privately held companies outside of law enforcement equipped to perform forensics that are admissible in court as evidence. Jeffrey Dawe is one of the few people who are trained in the art and science of it.

Jeffrey started in law and security and earned a Post Grad Certificate in Advanced Law Enforcement and Investigation through Durham College. He had always been interested in computers and found his niche when he joined Xpera as a Media Technician in 2015.

At Xpera, Jeffrey learned more about investigation technology. He took training in forensic technology and earned the certifications to have his work deemed admissible in court. “It’s constant education and constant change,” he says. Just last month, Jeffrey passed an exam with the Electric Technicians Association International and is now a certified Audio Video Forensic Analyst, one of the first cohorts to achieve the certification, and the first Canadian. Such training and certification are vital, because forensic technology, although embraced by Europe for many years, has only recently been accepted by courts in Canada.

The courts have confidence in the legitimacy of the video in part due to the software’s ability to track all updates that were made to the original

Xpera Forensic Imaging Services (XFIS) technology launched in May. The information unlocked by such forensic analysis is invaluable, and the ability to pull that information is increasing as cameras become more sophisticated and more ubiquitous. “I can improve most videos,” says Jeffrey. He’s able to substantially improve the quality of a video including correcting the angle, pixelating third parties to mitigate the risk of privacy complaints, and performing photogrammetry to reveal measurements such as distance or height. The courts have confidence in the legitimacy of the video in part due to the software’s ability to track all updates that were made to the original.

Clients can trust the technology knowing that it will be admissible in court on par with information provided by law enforcement agencies such as the RCMP. In addition, when the video tells a more accurate story, clients can make better-informed decisions. They are provided with a comprehensive report detailing the request, corrections made, information gleaned, any limitations, and the result with recommendations, where applicable. Xpera has already prevented a slip and fall payout for a large retailer and was able to identify a vehicle in a hit and run.

If you have a photo or video evidence, Jeffrey can uncover valuable information to save clients time and money. “A good offence is a good defence,” Jeffery says. “I’m happy to make a difference!”

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