Surprising Facts About Surveillance This Summer

06 July 2020

Despite other industries slowing down during our current environment, investigation and surveillance continues in surprising ways.

Webinar - Is Your OSINT Keeping with the Times?

02 June 2020

Businesses are shifting daily to meet the realities of our new environment. You need to supercharge your investigative results to keep things moving along.

Gavin Phillips of Xpera provides new OSINT insight on WP Radio

19 May 2020

Gavin Phillips of Xpera joins Terry Doherty on WP Radio to offer his insight into the human eye vs. automated programs, metadata (EXIF data) & court-ready investigative findings.

With Gratitude to Our Colleagues

30 March 2020

All of us at Xpera and ESM want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our ESM Security Guards. These individuals face challenges as part of every job, but these times are unprecedented.

Xpera Confirms Business Has Been Deemed an Essential Service

25 March 2020

Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation LP and Emergency Security Management (ESM) confirms that our business has been deemed an Essential Service within the context of multiple provinces declaring a State of Emergency due to COVID-19. All services are available. We remain fully operational and responsive.