Theft. Fraud. No Two Days are the Same. Senior Investigators use a lifetime of experience to investigate warehouse break and entry

The turbulence of these unprecedented times has created challenges in every profession, but for Xpera's Laval team—which includes ex-police officers and senior investigators—navigating these challenges has been just another exciting chapter in storied and accomplished careers. They spend much of their time relying on extensive training, a variety of jobs, and hard-won expertise when they approach each new investigation.

When an international retailer recently approached the team to investigate a "break and entry" at their central warehouse, they gathered the facts as they had done throughout their professional life. This was a significant burglary that left the client feeling particularly vulnerable. Despite having a sophisticated alarm system in place, the business was not protected from theft.

The team was quickly able to rule out the possibility that this was an internal theft and reassure the client that no one within their organization was implicated. With that in mind, they obtained the CCTV footage from the retailer's warehouse and began observing, frame by frame. They isolated the frames of interest and were able to extract the most accurate depiction of the individuals. The unqualified eye of an untrained individual may have missed the information contained in the footage that was obtained. Their experience and investigative approach to locating, reviewing, and assessing the most pertinent frames were vital in propelling this investigation forward.

Then, using Xpera's proprietary XFIS software, the team was able to improve the frames through forensic media analysis (image enhancement), giving them a much clearer view of the suspected thieves. Soon after, they walked through the surrounding area, knocking on doors, and discovered that five of the nine neighbouring businesses also had CCTV set up. They allowed Xpera to view that footage (further enhancing it with XFIS).

After reviewing footage from the retailer's warehouse and finding footage of suspects entering and leaving the facility thanks to neighbouring businesses, the team was able to make definitive determinations about the nature of the theft and the identity of the thieves. They compiled their investigation findings into a comprehensive report and turned that over to the local police force.

A project of this scope often requires a large team and several expert opinions, but Xpera's Laval team has the familiarity and ease that can only come from local knowledge. Working against the clock, they were able to resolve this large and complex case quickly and within budget.

As for investigations in the wake of a pandemic, the team isn't worried. Throughout their career, investigation has relied on innovative solutions, technology, and methods that evolve at the pace of the industry. They look forward to the next case.


Xpera has extensive experience with investigations of all nature within the insurance and corporate sectors and is frequently called to testify as expert witnesses.