Top Tips for New Professionals

Take your work to the next level by utilizing surveillance effectively. Every detail matters. All the information you provide to your private investigation company can support better results.

Here are some easy ways to help you get the most out of your next surveillance investigation.

Number 1 with check mark

Note all claimant names, variations of the name, aliases, and family member names, that are listed throughout your file/documentation.

Number 2 with check mark

Provide the claimant’s date of birth.

Number 3 with check mark

Offer the full claimant address, and any other known addresses.

Number 4 with check mark

Obtain claimant phone numbers, including cell and work.

Number 5 with check mark

Provide a primary vehicle(s) description (year, make, model, colour, license plate).

Number 6 with check mark

Secure a copy of the claimant’s driver’s license and/or photo, if possible.

Number 7 with check mark

Describe the claimant’s living arrangements such as single, married, parent’s home, roommates.

Number 8 with check mark

Offer physical descriptions (height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.) of the claimant.

Number 9 with check mark

Offer physical descriptions (height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.) of the claimant’s spouse, or other family members, including approximate ages.

Number 10 with check mark

Note all employment details such as previous or current work (employer, address, days and hours of work, shifts, etc.)

Number 11 with check mark

Identify doctors, lawyers, and clinics associated with the claim, including name and address.

Number 12 with check mark

Describe the injuries or limitations of the claimant and the main area of focus.

Number 13 with check mark

Check for any previous surveillance reports related to the claimant.

Number 14 with check mark

Offer any known social media profiles, nicknames, aliases, or usernames


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